Waste Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Treatment of industrial wastewater protects environment from contaminants and prevent industries and manufacturers from receiving fines. UDE analyses samples of your wastewater and provides recommendations for the appropriate and cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment processes or treatment units needed to meet the effluent characteristics required by environmental regulations. UDE provides an integrated system for assessment, designing and treating different types of wastewater such as:

  • Industrial wastewater effluents such as that from chemical, petrochemical, smelter, waste recycling, cement producing etc. industries and ‎plants.
  • Medical wastewater or life sciences wastewater which contains pharmaceutical residues and industrial chemicals and solvents used for hygienation.
  • Agricultural wastewater such as pesticides from pesticide manufacturing or selling facilities, and run-off from agricultural lands treated with pesticides.
  • Chemical dyes from textile industry wastewater and shops selling or using dyes in their business activities.
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Industrial and Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

UDE provides best sustainable design and technology for management and treatment of municipal and industrial solid wastes. For municipal solid wastes UDE supplies up-to-date design, technology and consultancy required for waste collection, recycling, composting and land fill management.

UDE solutions for managing industrial solid wastes would be cost-effective and environmental-friendly and circular-economy based designs and technologies for treating chemically contaminated solid wastes, hazardous wastes, medical wastes, and fly ash from air pollution control systems. UDE designs and technologies make industrial wastes an additional source of income ‎for industries through harvesting useful components of industrial wastes.

Fly Ash Collected from Air Pollution Control Systems

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