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Website Services

UDE’s website provides different membership services to suit individual benefits and industrial companies needs.

Individual Membership

Industrial Membership

Institutional Membership

  • Occupational Skills Certificate.
  • Priority for achieving skilled jobs available/ advertised on the UDE website.
  • Getting freelance jobs.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Annual risk assessment reports.
  • Physicochemical analysis of wastes.
  • Professional development for staffs and employees.
  • Training courses for professional development from developed countries.
  • Introduction to professional equipment.

Manufacturing and suppliers

Current markets

UDE will introduce the British and international professionals, manufacturers and equipment suppliers of the engineering science and technology to the developing countries markets, and accelerating, and enhancing their network with consultancies.

UDE facilitates the interaction of both ends of the demand and supply chain. The platform accelerates the connection and collaboration for the current consultancies and suppliers all around the world.
Through the UDE’s web platform service/product demanders can:

  • Browse the profiles of service/product providers.
  • Compare the CVs.
  • Check the availability and status of the providers.
  • Submit a request by filling an on-line form (answering to simple and useful questions about their request).
  • Track the status of the request.
  • Receive a response within a week with initial estimation of fees and duration.
Anaerobic Digestion
Air Pollution Control

New markets

UDE can work as a news bulletin for introducing potential projects in developing countries for providers that are not in familiar/ contact with them. We perform initial assessments and open a case study in the platform describing the scope of the work and what is required for the start and implementation of the project. Consultancies and suppliers can submit a proposal and brief their services and fees. We will then connect them to the project owners for further negotiations. Also, number of training courses and workshops would be designed and introduced based on the demands of users. Post-graduates and early-career researchers can be involved in all these sectors.

Consultancy Services

UDE connect British engineering and environmental consultancies to the developing countries markets, and accelerating, and enhancing their network with suppliers.

For Partners UDE find:

  • International procurements for UK-based engineering and environmental consultancies.
  • New international market destinations for technology and equipment suppliers in the field of structural and architectural engineering, and environmental engineering.
Industrial Waste Management Consultancy
Industrial Waste Management Consultancy

Molecular Diagnostic Kits

We establish Wastewater Based Epidemiology systems. We provide detection and quantification methods to measure corona viruses, hepatitis, HIV, noroviruses etc. We are providing developed new methods such as MiniIon, and microarrays for detecting and quantifying human gut pathogens.

Microbial Analysis (DNA, qPCR etc.)
Microbial Analysis (DNA, qPCR etc.)

Laboratory Analysis

UDE connect professional laboratories for waterborne pathogens, physicochemical and biological analysis to the UK and developing countries markets.
Scope of the work: UDE perform initial assessment of microbial risks in water resources in developing countries for authorities who are not aware of risks or do not have access to reliable international contacts. None of other companies offer these services and if they do, they outsource it. UDE can play as both intermediate in this need and supply chain or implement the project by a new approach.
Approach: UDE assess the initial cases through sampling and testing them in UDE partners labs (universities or private sectors), propose cheaper, sustainable, green, and research-based solutions rather than conventional and costly methods proposed by other consultancies.

UDE will provide advanced molecular microbiology solutions to international analytical labs (Next-generation sequencing, HT-qPCR, mass spectrometry).

Physicochemical Analysis
Physicochemical Analysis