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The website of UDE offers various membership services that cater to the specific needs of individuals and industrial companies.

Individual Membership

Industrial Membership

Institutional Membership

Earn an Occupational Skills Certificate to gain priority access to skilled job opportunities posted on the UDE website. You can also explore freelance job opportunities.

We offer consultancy services, including annual risk assessment reports and physicochemical analysis of wastes. We also provide professional development opportunities for staff and employees.

We provide specialized training courses for individuals seeking professional development. Our courses are sourced from highly developed countries and are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to excel in your field. Additionally, we offer an introduction to professional equipment, ensuring that you are well-versed in the latest tools and technologies. With our training, you can take your career to the next level and achieve your goals.

Manufacturers and suppliers

Current markets

– UDE connects professionals, manufacturers, and equipment suppliers in engineering science and technology with developing countries’ markets.

– UDE facilitates interaction between demand and supply chains.

– UDE’s web platform allows service/product demanders to browse profiles, compare CVs, check availability, and submit requests.

– Requests are tracked and a response with estimated fees and duration is provided within a week.

Anaerobic Digestion
Air Pollution Control

Emerging Markets

UDE serves as a news source for providers who are not familiar with potential projects in developing countries. We conduct preliminary assessments and create a case study on the platform that outlines the project’s scope and requirements for initiation and implementation. Consultancies and suppliers can submit a proposal that outlines their services and fees. We will then connect them with project owners for further negotiations. Additionally, we offer training courses and workshops based on user demand. Post-graduates and early-career researchers can participate in all these sectors.

Consultancy Services

UDE plays a vital role in connecting British environmental and engineering consultancies with untapped markets in developing countries. In addition, we help our partners enhance their supplier networks and expedite their business growth. Our expertise lies in assisting UK-based consultancies in finding international procurement options, as well as opening up new market destinations for technology and equipment suppliers who specialise in architectural and structural engineering, and environmental engineering.

Industrial Waste Management Consultancy
Industrial Waste Management Consultancy

Molecular Diagnostic Kits

We establish Wastewater Based Epidemiology systems. We provide detection and quantification methods to measure coronaviruses, hepatitis, HIV, noroviruses etc. We are providing developed new methods such as MiniIon, and microarrays for detecting and quantifying human gut pathogens.

Microbial Analysis (DNA, qPCR etc.)
Microbial Analysis (DNA, qPCR etc.)

Laboratory Analysis

UDE connects professional laboratories for waterborne pathogens, and physicochemical and biological analysis to the UK and developing countries’ markets.
Scope of the work: UDE performs an initial assessment of microbial risks in water resources in developing countries for authorities who are not aware of risks or do not have access to reliable international contacts. None of the other companies offer these services and if they do, they outsource it. UDE can play as both intermediate in this need and supply chain or implement the project by a new approach.
Approach: UDE assess the initial cases through sampling and testing them in UDE partners’ labs (universities or private sectors), and propose cheaper, sustainable, green, and research-based solutions rather than conventional and costly methods proposed by other consultancies.

UDE will provide advanced molecular microbiology solutions to international analytical labs (Next-generation sequencing, HT-qPCR, mass spectrometry).

Physicochemical Analysis
Physicochemical Analysis