About UDE

UDE Engineering LTD is a UK based limited company founded in 2020, it is registered  with Companies House with Company No. of 13357049. UDE is an engineering design and consultancy company which utilises science and technology from the UK and developed countries to provide sustainable, scientifically proven and cost effective designs and technologies for environmental projects in developing countries. UDE focuses on projects of environmental engineering such as water and wastewater treatment projects, solid waste management, air pollution control systems and environmental impact assessments.


UDE offers a range of services to meet the needs of its customers from municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors. UDE starts with an environmental impact assessment to understand the requirements of the projects in these sectors, designs a cost-effective treatment system to mitigate the environmental impact of the projects, suggests /and supplies the projects with suitable treatment systems and technologies, and continues to support the customer by creating an effective customer service training and consultancy program.

Laboratory Analysis of Waterborne Pathogens and Contaminants

Providing professional laboratories for Risk assessment, Sampling, Physicochemical analysis, and Biological analysis for industrial wastes and environmental projects. Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA).

Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Process Design

Engineering and design, proposing cheaper, sustainable, green, and research-based solutions and treatment designs rather than conventional and costly methods proposed by other consultancies.

Supplying Technology and Equipment for Industrial Waste Management

Supplying pumps, motors etc. for engineering water and wastewater projects. Production and maintenance. Selecting and Supplying up-to-date technology and equipment. Installation and Services. Introducing the customers to British, EU and international suppliers through our web platform and vice versa.

Sustainable Structural and Architectural Engineering

Qualitative and quantitative techniques in resolving structural and architectural engineering problems.

Research and Experimental Design

UDE is a marketplace for top Design Researchers. Companies, academia, and start-ups can choose ‎UDE Research members for their mission-critical design and research projects.

Training Courses, Conferences and Consultancy Services

Practical courses with UK speakers/academics for training professionals in developing countries, involving participants in real problems, and brainstorming them for finding creative solutions. A digitally-powered, creatively-inspired global business transformation consultancy.

Professional Development of Staffs, Employees, Students and Graduates

Involving postgraduates of water and environment in the projects and utilise their expertise in different business plans like quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA), process design, technology and equipment selection, training, workshops, and consultancy.‎

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