UDE is an engineering company supported by professionals and engineering leaders from Newcastle University for environmental management and engineering projects with the:
• Skills.
• Academic research.
• Modern technologies and equipment.
• Professional labs offering physicochemical and microbial analysis.

UDE provides the best assessment, design, technology, consultancy and training for the clients and customers of environmental management and engineering projects in the UK and developing countries. The business is aiming to expand its services to the developing countries, specifically, it will be the first UK based company to provide environmental and engineering services and deliver international and British technologies for environmental and engineering projects in Iraq. UDE members are expert in providing services to customers in varried projects of environmental engineering and management in the developing countries. Below are some case studies (or similar) of environmental engineering projects which are either designed and supervised by UDE professional members, or received consultancy services for development by UDE professional members.

Sanitary Landfill Management
Municipal Solid Waste Management: a master plan for waste collection and management
Industrial Solid Waste Management
Industrial Solid Waste Management: iron recycling plant
Sanitary Landfill Design and Management
Sanitary Landfill Design and Management: a case study for management development
Landfill Design
Field Work Services for Sanitary Landfill Design and Management
Scavenger Social Awarness
Scavenger Social Awareness: a case study for development
Emission Control Systems
Providing Design and Technology for Industrial Emission Control Systems: an environmental impact assessment
Consultancy-Industrial Waste Management
Design and Consultancy for Industrial Waste Management: an assessment for waste management methods
Solid Waste Recycling
Solid Waste Recycling Systems: a case study and professional development
Centralised Wastewater Treatment Systems
Design of Centralised Wastewater Treatment Systems: an assessment for applicability and scalability
Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems
Design and Supply of Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems: UDE’s suppliers of smart wastewater treatment units (image from Premier Tech-UK)
Rainfall Bypass Separators
Rainfall Bypass Separators: supply of smart wastewater treatment units
Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Rainwater Harvesting Systems: supply of professional storage units
Industrial Solid Waste Management
Industrial Solid Waste Management: an EIA reports and consultancy services
Municipal Solid Waste Management
Municipal Solid Waste Management: field management and supervision
Fly Ash Control Systems
Design and Supply of Fly Ash Management Systems for Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems: an EIA and sustainable management options
Constructed Wetlands
Design of Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: case studies by Newcastle University
Waste Stabilisation Ponds
Design of Waste Stabilisation Ponds for Wastewater Treatment: case studies by Newcastle University
Landfill Leachate Treatment
Design of Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems: case studies by UDE professional members
Design of Algae Fields for Wastewater Treatment and Fish Food Production (image from algaeworld.org): future proposals by UDE professional members
Renewable Energy Systems
Design and Supply of Renewable Energy Systems (online images): future visions of UDE
Anaerobic Digestion - Biogas
Design and Supply of Anaerobic Digestion Systems for Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment: a research study by UDE professional members
Design of Composting Systems (photo from Rotochopper, Inc.): supply of professional machines by UDE future partners
Cow Dung & Poultry Manure Managements
Sustainable Management of Cow Dung and Poultry Manure (online images): suggested ideas of circular economy by UDE
Professional Conferences
Organising Professional Conferences: an international conference attended by UDE professional members
Scientific Site Visits
Arranging and Supervising Scientific Site Visits: professional development of postgraduate students
International Professional Development
Attending International Professional Development Events (JICA-Japan): professional development of UDE members
Seminars and Professional Development
Organising Seminars and Professional Development Courses for staffs and Employees: staff awareness development for site works
Professional Networks
Connecting UDE Members to Professional Networks (EBNet-UK)
Industrial Health and Safety
Providing Risk Assessment and Industrial Health and Safety Reports
Lab-Scale Research
Lab-Scale Research Design
Environmental Microscopic Microbial Analysis
Environmental Microscopic Microbial Analysis
Pilot-Lab Research-Wastewater
Design of Pilot-Lab Research and Experiments for Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment
Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
Solid Waste and Wastewater Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
Pilot-Scale Research
Pilot-Scale Research for Biogas Production from Solid Waste and Wastewater
Transfer Station Design and Management
Transfer Stations-Weighing System
Design of Transfer Stations and Weighing Systems for Solid Waste Management
 Waste-to-Energy-Solid Waste Incineration Plants
Providing Design and Technology for Waste-to-Energy-Solid Waste Incineration Plants (image is from a SUEZ-UK plant)
Ash & Hazardous Waste Management
Bottom and Fly Ash and Hazardous Waste Management
Airpollution Sensor Systems
Design and Supply of Industrial Air Pollution Sensor Systems
Ground Water Contamination & Remediation
Management of Ground Water Contamination and Remediation
Structural Design
Structural Design of Environmental Projects
DNA Sequencing & Bioinformatics
Providing DNA Sequencing Analysis and Bioinformatics for Environmental Samples
Professional Lab Equipments
Supply and Training of Professional Lab Equipment
Drone in Engineering
Using Drones in Engineering Design and Environmental Data Collection

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