Meet UDE Team and Members


Dr Burhan Shamurad

Consultant Biotechnology and Waste Management Engineer

PhD Environmental Engineering

Newcastle University-UK

International Professional Members

Dr Marcos Baluja

Innovation Senior Scientific Advisor

PhD Biological Sciences & Molecular Microbiology

Newcastle University-UK

Dr Paul Sallis

Senior Academic Advisor

PhD Biochemistry and Environmental Engineering

Newcastle University-UK

Mr Hiwa Faraj

Senior IT Advisor and Website Manager

MSc Computer Systems Management

Sulemani University-KRG-Iraq

Senior Professional Members

Dr Evangelos Petropoulos

Specification and Design of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Units

PhD Environmental Engineering

Newcastle University-UK

Dr Kishor Acharya

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Expert

PhD Environmental Engineering

Newcastle University-UK

Dr Reihaneh Bashiri

Chemical and Biotechnological Engineer

PhD Chemical Engineering

Newcastle University-UK

Dr Shamas Tabraiz

Water and Wastewater Process Design Engineer

PhD Environmental Engineering

Newcastle University-UK

Dr Abbas Abubaker

Consultant Structural Design Engineer

PhD Structural Engineering

Newcastle University-UK

Professional Members – Developing Countries

Mrs Shaida Amin

Sustainable Building Design Architect

BSc Architectural Engineering

KRG – Iraq

Mr Hushyar Abdullah

Steel Structure, Bridge, roads and sewerage design Engineer

MSc Structural and Bridge Engineering

KRG – Iraq

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Mr Rozh Abdullah

BSc Structural Design Engineering

Newcastle – UK

Mr Shalaw Karim

BSc Petroleum Engineering

KRG – Iraq

Mr Ramyar Abdullah

MPharm Pharmacy

Newcastle – UK